Free Dessert Delivery for the entire month of April
At Seidy’s Bakery we are aware of what is happening with the COVID-19, and we truly hope all of those who are sick are able to fully recover. Those that are sick have the biggest battle, followed by first responders and people in the front lines keeping all of us safe. We are so thankful for them!
Those at home are also fighting battles, whether they have special needs or conditions, live alone, have dependents, or don’t have enough food on their tables because they lost their jobs. Lets be kind now more than ever and keep it always.
We want you to stay safe at home, and we don’t want you to cancel on celebrating happiness at home or miss out on your birthday cake or treat so we are now offering free dessert delivery to your doorstep for the entire month of April.
Free Dessert Delivery:
Riverview/Brandon area: free dessert delivery to your door 3-mile radius from the Publix at Pavilion Crossing (301 and Causeway Boulevard, see map below) and only $5 delivery from 3-5 mile distance.
Tampa area (South Tampa, West Tampa, Carrollwood, Seminole Heights, Downtown): free dessert delivery to your door 3 miles from Downtown Tampa or we can also meet up in Downtown Tampa.
Located further away? Let me know and we can coordinate to get your desserts to your doorstep!
We are proud to say that we have cleaning protocols of the highest standards to keep our community safe.
Publix at Pavilion Crossing
Downtown Tampa

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