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Sandwich Sugar Cookies

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Ok guys, I know lately it is all about the cookies, but I still have the Christmas fever going on! I will be short with these…This is my master recipe for any kind of sugar cookie, if you are looking for a simple sugar cookie just complete the recipe until the baking of the cookies in the shape you prefer, with sprinkles, with chocolate sprinkles or anything you want to add on them. If you’d like to sandwich them and make more magic happen then just keep going with the entire recipe!

Nutella Sandwich Sugar Cookies

These cookies are originally Linzer Cookies, with the difference that Linzer Cookies have grounded/chopped almonds in the dough. I decided to make them with the plain old sugar cookies and we became addicted to them. It is also a nut-free recipe if you skip the Nutella.

When working with Sugar Cookie dough I like to keep it cold. Minimum handling of the dough, and rolling it out between two wax papers. This helps me have an even thickness and lift the cookies easier after they are cut. Cold dough is SO MUCH EASIER to handle than room temperature dough. The wax paper also prevents the rolling pin from sticking to the dough and avoids extra flour going into your cookie which can make it hard and dry. Overall, cold dough + wax paper for rolling = easy to make sugar cookies.

After placing the cut cookies on the sheet and before baking them, I always put them in the freezer for about 3-5 minutes until the cookies are frozen. After, they go straight into the preheated oven. I find this to be extremely helpful because it makes the cookie keep its shape, specially for cookies that have more difficult shapes (stars, letters, man or animal shapes…)

Here you will get one recipe, many flavors as you can change the filling to anything you like. Strawberry jam, peanut butter, dulce de leche, fruit preserves…anything you like and anything your guests like too 🙂

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