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Cranberry Orange Chocolate Blondies

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Cranberry Orange Chocolate Blondies

These blondies are so good and so easy to make. If you want to bring some happiness to your home during these times of pandemic without much hassle, these Cranberry Chocolate Orange Blondies are ideal as it is all mixed in one single bowl and doesn’t require of many ingredients and you can even make it in whatever shape pan you have available, as long as you don’t make a super-thin layer with the batter and end up with a large flat cookie.

Some ingredients can be left out like the cranberries but sub for more chocolate or nuts. Or maybe leave out the orange zest if you are not a fan. Chocolate can be swapped for white chocolate chips, or peanut butter chips and nuts, or white chocolate chips and macadamia…mmm! the variations are endless. You will always end up with a nice soft, gooey, crunchy outside blondie!

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Blondies


I honestly thought my husband wouldn’t like these, but boy was I wrong! He even said these reminded him of a Venezuelan candy we used to love called “Miramar” and that these are worthy of adding to our menu in our bakery, so there you go! Great bar to have on a Sunday afternoon with a nice cold glass of milk.

I definitely want to make them again with another variation on flavors. Seriously, it is SO easy, go make them and let me know how you liked them!

Cranberry Orange Chocolate Blondies

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