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Pumpkin Spice Cake

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Pumpkin Spice Cake!! I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!!….what a better time of the year to have this gorgeous cake! Although I live in Florida and the weather doesn’t get that cold, it is cold enough for me to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows, a nice fireplace or some joyful fall desserts! Now that I have moved to Tampa, it definitely gets more chilly than Miami which makes me happier for enjoying colder weather comfort foods!!

This cake can be made in a budnt pan,  2-8inch or 2-9inch pan, whichever you prefer. Just know that if you are baking this in a different pan just like I did with the snowflake pan, you could probably get 2 of these. Remember most of times cake pans shouldn’t be filled more than 2/3. The first time I baked this, the cake was rising very high (Hello Pumpkin mountain!!) and it was extremely difficult to bake inside while the edges were browning too much.

Another recommendation for this type of pan is to grease and flour it very well, otherwise, you could find yourself praying when turning it upside down.  Note: I also use my special mix of equal parts of oil, crisco and flour and it always works wonderful, I mean, look at the details on this cake!!

To top this cake remember you can get creative, I love cream cheese frosting, Chocolate ganache, and just regular icing sugar with Pumpkin Spice Cakes. It just depends what you like and how much time and ingredients available you have on your hands.

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