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Mock Apple Struddel

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This Apple Struddel is SO easy, I think now I get why they call it ‘Mock’ Apple Struddel. Forget the pastry dough, forget the butter, forget the phyllo dough. This is so easy you should really make it and give it a try. It is so divine, it melts in your mouth and it never fails. Every Fall Season I make it for my family just because I know how much WE ALL love apples baked in dessert.

Consider this an Apple bread, but it is a quick bread, so no yeast, no kneading and no proofing the dough in here. Trust me, the hardest thing here is to peel and core the apples.

For the apples it is better to use Granny Smith, because of their tartness the dessert doesn’t get overly sweet and I have come to the conclusion that these are the best apples to bake with because they also hold their shape pretty good. Other apples like Delicious Red are a NO GO for baking recipes (unless the recipe asks for it)


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