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Postre de Milo (Colombian dessert)

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Image from 2014

Ah! Postre de Milo, always welcomed in our home and one of our favorites! I have seen SO many recipes for this dessert, it seems it is one of those traditional recipes that every home prepares differently or they add their own unique twist to it. In my case, I use the recipe my Colombian friend Natalia gave me almost 6 years ago and it never disappoints. When she gave me the recipe she was very insistent that I had to make it with Crema de Leche (cream of milk) and not Media Crema and I must confess I have cheated on the original recipe and used other kinds of canned milk when I couldn’t find Crema de Leche. It still comes out delicious! However, try gathering the same ingredients to create the creamy experience of enjoying a Postre de Milo.

Now, before I continue, this post is not sponsored, BUT, I have never had Milo before in my life until this recipe came to my life and I had to seriously search for the little green can in all sections of the supermarket. In Venezuela, we had Toddy (which in my opinion, still is the best instant chocolate milk powder on this planet, Sorry Milo lovers!) and never in my life I had imagined there was something called Milo that existed in other countries and was so freakin’ popular all around the world. Milo is a sweet delicious chocolate drink powder that I am lucky enough to have welcomed into our lives.

This deliciousness called Postre de Milo will change your “quick desserts” game (in English it would be something like Milo’s dessert? Dessert with Milo…?). It takes literally 10-15 minutes to put together, you don’t need fancy equipment or a mixer and you can adapt this recipe to your own style, talk about spreading some Dulce de Leche or Nutella in between the layers…Also, before this, I had never even thought of making a pudding with condensed milk. Like, come on!! CONDENSED MILK PUDDING? I could eat it right out of the saucepan, still hot and with or without Milo or crackers!

This dessert is NOT pretty, but I promise you will love love love love it!

Postre de Milo for two
Postre de Milo – version for two with half the recipe in 2020

And one last thing, if you half this recipe you can make just 2 ramekins of this dessert and convert it into a recipe “for two”!


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