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Apple Crisp for two

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Apple Crisp for two

Apple apples apples! I just love them. They are so versatile whether it is for a dessert like Apple Crisp for two, or any other dessert or snack. Most apple desserts will call for Granny Smith apples as their firm texture won’t disappear when baking them, and their distinctive tart flavor will keep your dessert from being TOO sweet and will give you the best flavor for an apple pie filling. Granny Smith Apples will forever be my favorite kind!

This recipe is fairly simple, it only has a few ingredients and if you are making this for two, you only have to use just a little amount of flour (I’ve heard people are running short on flour or not finding it at the grocery stores because of the pandemic). And yes, this recipe was adjusted for only 2 servings since it is only the two of us at home. As I said last week, I want to try the dessert and move on to the next recipe for you all and trying to finish eating a whole 9×13 dish of Apple Crisp for an entire week would keep me from making other desserts sooner! This recipe is also great if you want to have a dessert just one day without any leftovers.

Apple Crisp

Also, if you want a “healthier” version or “allergy-free” version of the recipe there is only few substitutions you would need to make. For example for a lactose free version you can substitute butter for coconut oil. For a Gluten free version you can swap the all purpose flour for almond flour and make sure to use gluten free oats. A sugar-free version is also possible if you substitute the brown sugar for monk fruit or stevia (or the sweetener of your choice). In addition, if you want to top it off with something other than vanilla ice cream, I’d mix up a small amount of greek yogurt with vanilla extract and top my “healthy-fied” dessert with that.

When I ran the poll on Instagram asking you guys what recipe would you prefer, if Apple Crisp or Apple Pie, I was seriously surprised to see Apple Crisp winning! (80% to 20% and those were more than 60 votes!). I had not expect Apple Crisp winning at all, but I guess you know too how GOOD and easy it is to make this versus how much work goes into making pie crust at home and just the thought of going to the store to buy some made you anxious.

Apple Crisp with Ice Cream

Enough has been said on the history of this recipe on this blog! Lets move on to the fun part: baking it and of course, EATING it!!

I’ve created this step by step slides below so you see really how easy it is to make, and only in a few steps! Don’t forget the ice cream!

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