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Peaches and Berries Scones

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Peaches and berries Scones front shot

These scones are perfect with a beautiful latte or your favorite warm drink. It’s like a hug, in a dessert. The combination of sweet peaches with tart blackberries and blueberries makes this a delicious pastry. Soft, crumbly, and buttery is how I would describe scones.

As I am recipe testing a lot of desserts and pastries, I’m remembering how EASY scones are to make and I will share with you many more recipes (chocolate scones anyone?!). Just know that if on your first attempt, they don’t work out, don’t give up. Try going over some tips and be careful to not overmix, I feel those are the key to making the perfect scones.

Peaches and Berries Scones overhead shot





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