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Fudge Bonbon Hershey’s Cookies

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It’s me again! with a Chocolate recipe. These cookies are extremely easy to put together and it is ideal to make with kids 🙂 It is so easy that all you really need is a few ingredients, a bowl, a wooden spoon (or any spoon should work too!!) and your beautiful hands.

I had eyed this recipe in one of my baking magazines for so long, I wasn’t sure what type of cookie it was from only looking at the picture, so it was hard for me to commit to making them until one day, I read the ingredients and the instructions and remember saying “ah! this recipe has condensed milk!!!” and I LOVE condensed milk. Everything you cook with it will come out wonderful: brigadeiros, papitas de leche, tres leches, cookie dough, dulce de leche….

These cookies are ‘brownie’ like. The texture is dry and set on the outside but as you bite into it you discover the Hershey’s kiss in the middle, and everything starts to come together like a nice piece of fudge.

Now that I have described this strange looking / strange ingredient cookie, please, give it a chance, try them out and see how addicting and yummy these cookies truly are.



Recipe slightly adapted from Taste of Home

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