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Dalgona Korean Coffee

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Dalgona Korean Coffee

I have been reading and seeing so many videos of the famous Dalgona Korean Coffee. At first I said: WOW!! how does that fluff up that much?! It is like egg whites!! So I caved in. I did it. Researched for a recipe and the chemistry of it, and started whipping my coffee.

The first time I made it warm because that is what we normally prefer on the mornings and then today we made it cold, because I kept reading how this tastes way better when it mixes with the cold milk and yada yada.

This style of coffee reminds me a lot of the Cuban Coffee “Colada”. I remember when I was living in Miami people at my office used to make it and it was quite impressive. The process started with a Greca Coffee Maker (the one the ground coffee it set up at the bottom with the water and then the coffee comes out from the top) and you are supposed to spoon a few spoons out of the first coffee that comes out, then mix with A LOT of sugar and WHIP in a small cup! The result is a frothy sugary coffee caramel heaven that gets then mixed with the rest of the coffee that is brewed. This is usually so strong with coffee and sugar that you are supposed to have it by the small little cups (seriously, like 1 oz shots). I must confess, I always wanted more than 3.

Dalgona Korean Coffee

If you are a baker mixing this looks easy. If you are not a baker, it may seem daunting and you’re probably thinking “heck no!! I am not mixing my coffee that long! 8 minutes?! It is easier to make a whole Cafe Latte from my precious machine”,  BUT! hey! Do you want to join the fun and try this even once in your life? Just use the time while you are in quarantine and try it out :P! To make it easy, you can use a hand held mixer, stand mixer, even an immersion blender set up with the whisk attachment.

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